The Human Trace

Welcome to free-range fitness. The only machines here are our bodies and we are the engineers.

Park Jordana

There is a slow lane and a fast lane and room enough for all of us in between. However,

Rock Climbing Photo: The view from the mountaintop village of Erice tow...

In the end there is only a spectacular view that is now too far away to touch. Enjoy that journey, folks! This [dot calm] will be your guide for your outdoor fitness reboot. The first rule of Fight or Flight Club: Don’t WORKOUT INdoors, PLAY OUTdoors. In other words,

All the World’s a Playground!







*For the record this fitness sequence is marked (un)officially at 38 seconds (on my clock;) Go ahead and beat it- I ain’t try’n to slow down, but there’s no fun if you’re never caught. 😉

Reprogram your workout with the grassisgreenerfitness Basic Terraining