The Human Trace


As we evolve through this dramatic moment in time it seems relevant to refresh and reimagine the new world of free-form fitness ascending from the ruinous confines of the resuscitated box gym. It seems counteractive returning to an outmoded concept. A reciprocal response is needed to counter the immanent concerns of virus-spreading, a problem for which the current gym format is ill-fitted to manage.

What if we take on this new day’s challenge, this new reality, and redefine our fitness programs and memberships that have been embedded inside the gym, and make a permanent break from this antiquated paradigm of closely-grouped stationary machines and mirrored walls?

What if we connected with the natural medium that has been laying in the wild overgrown fringes and inner creases of our towns and cities? There is untapped, unfettered freedom in these unknown and unused spaces flourishing in the parks and along the railroads and alleyways, and those other forgotten, undeveloped spaces? It is literally a bike ride, a scaled wall and vacant lot away, an adventure of your own design and (re)creation.

Where would we go? What would we do? All those coming of age stories (think Goonies, Stand By Me, Sandlot) come to mind where imagination, in a field of plainness, is the catalyst for greatness.


Beyond this expanse of outdoor space, we will also need to focus our home-based exercise patterns as “Sit and Shelter” becomes our indefinite reality. In such uncertain times as these, there is obvious value in an exercise routine that is consistent, free and immediately available. These are grounding comforts that cannot be understated for the calming  and empowering role they play in the warrior’s journey, “novice” to “expert”. Every adventure has a quiet, restful home to which the hero invariably returns to rest and train for the next trial. 

And here, in the quiet comfort of our home, is where the warrior’s journey begins, to rattle and shake free of the sedative contentedness into which quarantine life has lulled us.


Let’s begin.