Individual Support

My services are simple. Beginning with Basic Terraining we will chart your local FITNESS MAP directing you to your nearest greenspaces, provide you with essential Terraining Modules (i.e. reading material) to progress you safely away from the indoor gym membership. Then, we’ll meet up in your neighborhood park or playground and initiate you into a elemental “free-range”fitness format, which you will self-design perpetually thereon.

[My teaching principle is that we are all constituted with the materials to create our own destiny and so my approach is to teach you to fish and not merely feed you for the day. You do not require a trainer, you are your own worst enemy and believe it or not your best source of motivation too, which makes you your perfect trainer. You can do this!]

You will enter this program as a Strainer, develop directly into a Terrainer and you will,  with time and diligence, become a self-actualized Terrainmaker, an architect of fitness, perceiving omnidirectional resistance like a exercise soothsayer.
This is only part of the whole landscape. Our initiation only begins with this orientation, and becomes the compass for our free-range fitness. The next level is Home & GuardianBeyond these basics we will experiment with Game Theory and Obstacle Core Terraining.

March Forth!

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