Cycling is essential to human-powered mobility, bearing high marks for sustainability and physicality. Most humans can endure longer distances on a bike than if they were running or swimming, or even walking. Bicycling can offer a wide range of intensity depending on the cyclist’s intention and bike design, whether it’s a road bike or a beach cruiser.

There is no more important investment- after a good pair of  walking or running shoes, of course- than a reliable bike. A conscious sojourner of this earth should make it an essential habit to replace driving the car with riding a bike for the purpose of running errands that are close by. It is also the mark of a devoted cyclist to commute to work by this means.

I’ve made it a personal badge of honor racking up in excess of 90 miles a week on my bike traveling to and from work while traversing extracurricular miles throughout my town of Tempe. I avert car-flooded thoroughfares in favor of side streets and canal paths, alleyways and scenic byways.

Cycling is a perfect foundation or baseline physical output by which we will derive more energy for multiplying our fitness efforts.

And then there’s Danny Macaskill:


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