Game Theory

There is a vast, engaging world that is beckoning us to play with it. It’s like the whistle while you work that makes the hours not so dreary. Life is either a chore or a game. And we’ve been rebuked for playing too many games in this life that it may feel counterintuitive to return to such childish frivolity. But it is not the reckless abandon of youth that we harken back to, it is its creative resourcefulness to imagine a theater upon a blank wall, a field where there is merely a vacant lot.

In this section are athletic games and exercise adventures that seek to elevate the emotional experience of physical fitness from the drudgery of working out to the spiritual awakening of joyful recreation. From the simple call and response of a ball played off a wall reimagined in alternative contexts like the tennis and basketball courts to the omnidirectional opportunity of a self-designed fitness adventure, which may be as simple as bike ride or a run to the local park where you train or advanced and epic as a triathlon-sized circuit.

I hope you can take some ideas for yourself and discover an enjoyable exercise you can use to promote health and sustain a regimen of fitness that will keep you coming back for more.

Please share any ideas, concepts or general thoughts on the subject in the comment section below.

Game on! And March Forth!

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