weeds in the concrete

There was a time when you had to wait to get on the neighborhood court for a pick-up game. Now, an ominous vacancy has swept over these outdoor basketball courts causing this urban outdoorsman to ponder a new sport for which these concrete slabs might be repurposed.



they cannot look out far…

Just ran down to the edge of the continent and touched the great abyss, and was refreshed; a little salt with my pepper. Thank you for being you, San Diego.



*The view from the top of Kate O. Sessions Memorial Park looking out on the bay.


People frequently ask me what is my “secret“ or how often I workout. The truth is no secret. I do NOT workout, I train, and I train hard, with focus and discipline and a sense of self-competition and game-making employed. I wholeheartedly believe in finding enjoyment and sport in the activity rather than a “punch-in, punch-out“ mentality.

Here are some more relevant tips. Stay calm and play on!



Treadmillnator: The Rise of the Machines

Running is a primal exercise, so essential in a well-rounded fitness regimen. In a hostile world the expression “survival of the fittest“ is most directly related to the animal that can outrun its predator. You don’t last long if you can’t dust your toothy competitors. It’s also supreme for developing a strong core.

Don’t simulate running on some clunkety hamster wheel. Get out! Pound the variegated turf, push into the headwind, bask in the immense energy of the radiant sun. Feel, feel, feel!