I renounce this day my ball and chain, my weight and pulley, my gym and monthly membership. I will, from this day forth, derive my means and ends, my roots and fruits, my toughness and my goings from the free space all around me, the free sky up above me, and the free spirit deep within me. I will no longer be dictated and ordered around by a building full of stationary treadmills and one dimensional muscle stations. I will obtain the strengthening and conditioning for my physical, mental, and emotional fitness in the free expression of my body as it creatively interacts in a free environment. I will not be compartmentalized into substations, insulated inside a digital bubble, looking comparatively askance at my neighbor on the adjacent hamster wheel. I will chart virtual courses of action within my home and upon playing fields, whether alone or along with my friends, and these will be the modes by which I will gain awareness of the innate melody of a body in motion and the symbiotic interplay of the world as my representation, my abundant recreation.