something wicked this way comes


This is the voluminous buildup of tons of dust and hot air which are the late-summer monsoonal attraction in Arizona. While some cringe and cower, shuttering their houses, others get out into the “meat“ of it, bearing the brunt of such storms head on, either for its sentient and aesthetic gratification or to be immersed in the powerful and provocative swell of Nature. As for me, personally, I never met a storm I didn’t like.

These are the sort of theatric backdrops that will invigorate one’s perspective. Bring it, haboob, er apocalyptic dust devil. We gamechangers, we rainmakers and firestarters, we ride on these great winds of change.


exercise in futility (part 3 of 3): blame it on the rain


Alllll better. Monsooner than later with the off-white-wash. Well, clearly what the city’s saying is, “What else you got?“ Wipe the slate (slightly) clean and…game on! Your move, you rebellious riff raff.

* This concludes our three-part treatment on the contradiction of public space. We will now be returning to our irregularly scheduled reprogramming.