Obstacle Core Terraining 

Obstacles are metaphors. We are meant to interact with them daily. They should represent aspects of ourselves and directly engage us like a perpetuating rite of passage.

The world of fitness has, once again, seen a rapid shift in the standards reset by CrossFit. The functional, body-resistance rage has forked into the dual phenomenona of obstacle course and American Ninja Warrior (ANW) races. It boils down to speed, agility and accuracy and amounts to a higher charge of an adrenaline rush..and it’s fun. It should be fun.

Obstacle Core Terraining:

1. Fluid interaction with surrounding environment; a Parkour tutorial.

2. Visualization and execution of obstacles.

3. Targets core strength and stamina and fuses disparate muscle networks.

4. Designed for speed and raw, primal movement.

5. Establishes “resistance connections” with the world around you.