Up until recently in my life I have dismissed the voluminous scientific research on exercise based on the monolith of “moderate exercise”, walking. And then recently, due to some compromising of my right knee with which I’ve had sporadic difficulties, I’ve taken to my usual runs and interspersed them with short intersessions of contemplative strolling. (Admittedly, some of these have been exclusively walking ventures)
What I’ve come to appreciate is the veritable, visceral slowing down of the journey, enabling more focused observations and deeper insights into the immediate and subsequently the great world around you. I feel that walking is to running, as biking is to driving. The busyness of running, the pounding of the ground, the monitoring and measuring of steps, is the aggressive cousin to walking, whose lightness of impact and unconscious and effortless mechanics are the proper footwork and conveyance for thoughtful and spiritually interactive recreation.
Listen to my main man, Kenneth Kramm:

And here is a man walking. That’s it.


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