Personal Fitness Inquiry

  1. Do you own a bike?

a. How often do you use?

b. Where do you go?

c. Is it a primarily recreational or functional means?

2. Do you walk or run or both?

a. Where?

b. How far? How often?

3. How far do you travel to work?

a. What are your means of transportation?

b. Is cycling to work something you would consider?

4. Do you have a “third place” you regular? (defined as a place, not home or work, where you go to socialize or relax, e..g. cafe, library, bar)

5. What sports and children’s games did you enjoy while growing up?

6. Do you currently participate or have any interest in participating in any adult sports or recreational leagues, meet ups, etc.?

7. Do you have a gym membership?

a. Are you getting your “money’s worth”?

b. Do you attend any group classes?

8. Do you have any interest in races, “fun runs”, obstacle courses, or other fitness-focused events?

9. Do you have a relationship with nature? How would you describe it. Be expressive!

10. Do you think of yourself an active person? What goals do you have for an improved fitness lifestyle?

11. Do you use any fitness apps, trackers or smart devices to record your fitness efforts?




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