The Four Workouts


The importance of variety in your strength training regimen cannot be understated. However, workout pillars (standbys) that act as the durable supports for more extensive exercise adventures are vital to sustained practices. It is never bread without the meat and cheese- or the peanut butter and the jelly, if that’s your jam- but this fitness-wich is a well-blended bite of multifarious taste profiles.

Ok, ditching the metaphor, the point is there are several aspects of daily terraining, and a balanced diet of body-resistance strength training, an assortment of specific traces for free-running, and several game-based ball (and frisbee!) games are essential to a creative flux of options, depending on energy levels and current moods. There are limitless means to discovering your fitness potential. These below are the core of my fitness regimen.

Here are the majority of movements that I utilize in the foundational strength-training circuits