Parque pROGUErams

This is a three-part play: you bounce the ball, you train, and then you run. Follow me now!


My training scheme looks like this:


A) Basketball shoot-around for ten minutes.

B) Strength training circuit (push, pull, core)

C) Free-run, i.e. vigorous run with obstacles


The pattern is simple and can be arranged however you are feeling motivated. I often shuffle the lineup into progressions like ABABC, ABCBA, ABABA, or ABCBCBA, for example. The ball play is meant to induce movement and increase heart rate (aerobic exercise), the strength circuit will swell the muscles with blood flow (anaerobic exercise), and the free-run will challenge the whole body through cardio and power movements. I’ve always enjoyed the compatibility and complementary relationship each component has to the other. Try it out for yourself.

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