Game Theory Fitness

This is the most intriguing concept that has been teased from the grassisgreenerfitness lab. It began with reimagining the outdoor basketball court through the lens of a soccer player and gradually introduced volleyball, billiards and boxing into the mix. Then, as I stepped away from the open spaces of the park court and serendipitously crept into the closed confinement of a racquetball court I immediately recognized the opportunity for plural ball engagement I had been yearning for, however unfulfilled. There are unlimited modalities to recreate the fundamental aspects of this free-flow ball movement, which spawned as a mutation of basketball, but really gained it’s foothold in the primacy of the “ball and a wall” game design. It is inside a cube, or an enclosure of this kind, that provides the return direction back to the server which perpetuate the give-and-take, the back-and-forth that provide the stage for an imaginative ball-flow free-style. It can be whatever you want it to be, but YOU gotta bring the ruckus, you are the catalyst for the level of energy that only you can sustain.

Game Theory Fitness

1. Using the ball- and a wall- as a kinetic protagonist for intuitive movement and (re)creative play.

2. Disrupts the inculcated configurations by which our bodies- and minds- have been indoctrinated through the profit-propelled systematization of the big-three team sports (i.e. football, basketball, and baseball).

3. Invites and integrates new physiological and neural connexions through motor discoordination.

4. It is improvisational and completely reactive.

5.  Provides abundant opportunities for body and muscle networking through explorative games.


Looks a little something like this:


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