Terraining Tutorials

As intuitive as the great outdoors should be to an applied Terrainer or Terrainmaker– as I like to call advanced outdoor fitness practitioners- I’ve come to appreciate the aloofness with which an uninitiated Strainer (an inexperienced outdoor fitness practitioner) comes to interact with their natural, or even just local urban surroundings through exercise.

The typical “membership” gym provides all the gangly, cable-strapped apparatus, legions of treadmills and dumbbells and trainers to assist you in the laborious process. These commonly accepted furnishings are excellent for addressing all the muscle groups and their specific parts, and the on-site training staff bridges the gap for those unwitting to the orientation of the machines and the manifold operations of their own bodies.

Similarly, the movements and landscape in an open space or public park may appear, at first glance, quite beWILDering and off-putting, and so may call for some acquainting of general design and application. That is where I will be of assistance. My terraining philosophy mirrors that of the maxim, “feed a man fish and he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime.” I am here to show you the techniques, to introduce you to the original exercise machine- your body- and set you off on a journey to fitness independence.

The introduction I provide will take into account certain aspects of your time and space (think schedule and locality) and create a fitness picture of your life that is in step with your reality. There are opportunities that are free and immediate to you NOW that must be taken advantage of to achieve the healthier lifestyle you imagine for yourself. I will help you design and direct them into your daily and weekly (monthly, yearly…) routines.

There may be some further investments- bike, training shoes, a ball- that will pay huge dividends in the long term toward cementing the foundation of fitness that these minimal accessories will provide.

I want you to consider my services the cornerstone of the  foundation with my challenge left to you to build the rest of your temple.

In other words, I am the engine to your caboose, terrainner to your strainer. I will promote your fitness independence by conducting you to become your own engine and catalyst. I will simply layout the greenprint of your life as it “lies” and direct you to the pathways and corridors to reimagine your life as one not based on work, but play and recreative endeavors.

Your childhood is still around you and it is in the rekindling of games and enjoyment that we can become a truly happier self. And isn’t that a noble end? Doesn’t matter how fast or skilled you are, or strong and intimidating, sculpted and aesthetic..if you’re not happy. And that must come from something greater than appearances of who think you are and who you think you should be.

So, I am offering my fitness philosophy, my knowledge and experience, as well as my deliberate approach and unequivocal criticism to challenge your relationship to exercise, personal fitness, wellness and happiness. By debunking the “terms” we’ve agreed to with the gym and fashion industry we can redefine our visions of beauty and strength.

My program consists of:

  • A fitness map, bringing your neighborhood and local surroundings  into view as an extension of your outdoor fitness landscape.
  • Progressing through the Modules to build a sustainable program that is unique to the individual.
  • A “run through” your particular neighborhood park to identify and arrange your pushpull, and core “apparatus” into an intelligently designed exercise program.
  • Other adventurous programs for further personal development.
  • I also will include you in a loop of regular, free meet ups and events to keep you chugging along ad infinitum.

Contact me with all inquiries at: grassisgreenerfitness@gmail.com


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