Basic Terraining

This should be your ground-zero for free-range fitness, your reboot camp. This is my core pROGUEram for a fitness life emanating from your home (read, your body!) and shoots further into the great expanse, a truly great outdoors. We are always mentally, physically and spiritually the focal point of our life, a re-creation of which we are destined to explore and continually reinvent, and change.

The four sections are:

1. Fitness Terrain Map– A Google Earth map of your home and your neighborhood- the one mile block that you live on- designating all the available schoolyards, playgrounds and greenspaces that are within walking or biking distance.


2. Four Reader Modules– Starting from the first impulses to get outside, or even out of your gym membership, this thought-filled manual will guide you along those first motivations and provide easy steps to gain a sure footing in the open-ended landscape we will be using for our fitness. It will appeal to your noble spirit and present an uplifting vision for your life through self-discovery and mastery. Read Now

3. Personal Meetup– I will join you in your most immediate and accessible park in your neighborhood and walk you through the virtual “gym” at your disposal. We will discuss the primary body-resistance movements- push, pull, core, legs- and imagine creative routines based on the particulars of the environment.

4. Individualized FitLife Assessment– At the end I will offer a comprehensive evaluation detailing immediate opportunities to enhance your fitness experience based on the unique landscape of your life.

Begin Terraining by completing the Personal Fitness Inquiry