outlined in colored chalk


You know things have taken a turn for the worst when the playground looks like a crime scene. Actually, a canopy is being erected and will greatly improve the playing conditions for this space.

It just seems that the world feels like a vast playground with cautionary tape around all the fun parts. Well, if you’re like me, these prohibitive ribbons are more inviting like finishing lines, where there are no endings, just greater and greater new beginnings.

March Forth!


we’re not playing around


On the large park grounds that comprise Tempe Kiwanis Park there is a multi-faceted “event area” that has been restricted for specially permitted gatherings thereby keeping the space off-limits for the better part of the year. So if you want to use either of the basketball courts, the sand volleyball court, or any of the recreational equipment, picnic tables, or mounted barbecues you’ll be met with this very dull warning.

Free parks on freeze until you pay the fees. No thank you, sir, you must not hear my pleas.