Shadow Boxing

The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself. Ah, the modern feary tale. That’s like being in love with love. If you make relationships based on abstraction, no real connections are gained. There is more pride and honor in embracing fear, confronting it daily, and making peace with it as a natural force in the universal order. It is primitively rooted and while it has played a prominent role in the survival of our species, it is an emotion that, when wrestled and pinned into our understanding  gives rise to a higher strata of feeling and desires. It is of the highest importance to recognize the real fear factors that line the hallways of our minds and corner us into being anything less than great. These are the layers of ourselves, manifested in the physical world that fall away to reveal a helpless child in the darkness, grasping desperately for the illusory comforts of the ego. Are we not our own worst enemy?

Whether we are tormented by the common cold symptoms of poor health, or the constraints of a weakened physique, or we are challenged by the inferiority of physical size or mental discipline, or we just feel deflated by the differences in our appearance compared and contrasted by the current aesthetic of the fashion industry which weighs down its judgement on all our tiny and abundant imperfections, we are accountable for the way we dismiss or endorse these imbalances. We are fully capable of healing, (re)gaining strength, overcoming disadvantages and setbacks, and accepting difference as uniqueness. What is infirm today, becomes more resilient and determined tomorrow, and what is considered an error, becomes an admirable distinction. We allow outward, material judgements to seep into our psyche and become the internal template on which our thoughts and actions are predicated.

These images are real so long as we validate them, or co-create them. If we cannot look at these inhibitors honestly, we allow them to loom larger than life in the periphery shadows of our conscious lives. Only by shedding light on these wounds do we confront the impact they bear on us. The shadows of ignorance vanish into the quieting knowledge that truth awakens; foolhardy bliss is replaced by an awareness of human pain- yours and mine.

We have looked the other way and refused to admit the enormity of self-guilt and self-loathing to which each of us is tethered. We have dragged our unspeakable angst behind us, compounding the friction and resentment we inevitably feel with this inanimate burden. It has remained inseparable from our being as an object unknown, a source of misery unseen. Is it not for the greater good that we gather up and carry aloft the devices of our enslavement so that we may cradle these as we would the frightened child in the corner?

Stand in the light, dance in the fire, cast a short shadow upon your Mother Earth and feel the joy as she trembles beneath you. We are meant to recreate, to play and sing and dance, to express ourselves by breathing in the chaos of uncertainty and exhaling the laughter of a meditative soul, unfettered by the transient blush and blemish. So even if you’re blinded or burned, acceptance of truth’s pain is necessary in order to transcend our terrestial conflict.