the eleventh

Welcome to the beginning of the end, the end of the beginning. The time has arrived and it is our duty to answer back the mighty call of the wild. Our honorable journey takes a quiet first step on this the 11th of August, 2011. So let us mark our ascent of the mighty precipice that is our great and vast outdoors on the solid foundation of two pillars. (It seems (at least to me) rather appropriate to celebrate this departure in a way that is intelligently designed and deftly symbolic). The eleventh is a preponderately insightful number, and as much as zero denotes the hollow precursor to the first, the base ten is decisively eclipsed by a most odd and elegant of numbers. Like the two trunks that hold our upright bodies perpendicular, this date will be associated with balance and symmetry as it supports our noble vision of the world around us.

Today was self-prescribed as the hallmark of greatest chronological significance as it gently shifts the climate from summer to fall. Now, knowing well enough its importance was self-imposed, I must admit a surprisingly keen experience was had, in addition to seeing colors more vibrantly (the grass in my yard seemed flourescent) and the faintest sense that the cooler breath of autumn was waffling in the August wind. Something even more astonishing than these more terrestial  awakenings occurred to me, an illumination of a more ethereal kind, a symbolic message of sorts.

It really can be summed up in a trifecta of experiential imagery that haunted me throughout the day. My shoes were persistently untied, my cycle’s crankshaft nut was mysteriously loose (ALL OF A SUDDEN), and when I went to adjust the cold water in the shower I noticed the knob, whose loose screw I’ve had ongoing mischief with was once again poking its head out. I was coming off the hinges, busting at the seams, as if I was pregnant and all that needed to happen now was to break my water. I must bear witness and confront my bullies. I must not be deterred or intimidated by self-doubt and peer-pressure. I know now what has always been my truth: strength is greater than force.

I have come to realize the way I envision outdoor fitness has been with me since  my earliest days and there are many like-minded advocates out there like myself. They are the people who flirt with the idea of climbing a tree as an adult. If you don’t, then I’m sure there is still a piece of you that remembers fondly the summer afternoons spent wildly swinging like monkeys from limb to limb. If this is still not relating, then you need this reprogramming the most.

We are children, meant to feel infinite and boldly defiant, not tired and reclusive. We are the fruits of natural order and chaos, and we can no longer seek to fashion ourselves in the mold of building blocks. We must get out of the box, so that we may orbit the sphere, stripping away the layers and facing our fear. There is such divine pleasure in the calm command (calm man) of our pain.

This is not merely exercise, but a radical reformation of the way we view ourselves. Both our strength and our wisdom stem from the fundamental assertion that “We Are! We Can! and We Will!” Today we remove sidelines and endlines for the open promise of free will and expression. The world is my idea, the time is now to reflect it.

Eleven is the beginning of a new generation, a higher order of the human family. They will dig deeper roots into the ground from which to conduct their innate energetics outward into each other and upward into the cosmos announcing their divine and inalienable existence. We are the heraldry of this millenial movement and will bear the stress of the mighty pillars. Plant two feet upon the earth and direct your hands vertically to the heavens. We represent the monument and through our relationship to the 5th prime are the beams of eternity.


Author: grassisgreenerfitness

I am a self-proclaimed, autodidactic, philosopher-poet-warrior, baker, bartender, barista, fisherman, cellist, father of two, lover of truth and wisdom.

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