the end of a decayed

this is from a previous blog and sets a precedent for the beginning of this fitness reprogramming…

This is a promising year, the beginning of a new era, full of potential energy just teeming to the brim. There is a virtual countdown, whether real or illusory, that is gaining intensity with each tick. Unconsciously we crawl steadily toward an awakening, a rebirth, a spiritual renaissance that is bent on living wholly, not holy. The 21st century has set the wheels in motion for an astronomical clock marked by numerological synchronicities (1/1/1, 5/5/5, 7/7/7 for instance). The year 2012 will be the end phase of this cycle, resulting in either cataclysmic annihilation or an evolutionary transformation, or nothing at all. This chronological ground zero will be inevitably encountered and surpassed, but first, the year that begins with its own duplication (1/1/11) is standing before us, inviting us to participate.
I will be taking this year to task, spreading myself out to be receptive to new relationships and opportunities. It is a numerically balanced year and will provide the level footing for the bright new world, steadily cautioned to its attendant traps and snares- those luxuriant conveniences of the technological advancements and social networks that bombard us daily. With the accelerating productivity of these products and services we are responsible for developing our personal intonation so that it can match with our external realities harmoniously. We are getting lost in the ipod shuffle and we must create the internal mechanisms that will propel us to fly above the information highway.
We are students AND teachers. We are meant to perpetually learn and conversely translate our knowledge through social interactions. We must be simultaneously guarded against the cancerous channels that stream into our consciousness, and vigilant in reproducing positivity toward our peers. It is time to recognize the sturdy roots that have been established and the promising branches that will yield the fruits of our labors. By solidifying the ground on which we stand and trimming useless foliage we may streamline the process by which our dreams are realized.


Author: grassisgreenerfitness

I am a self-proclaimed, autodidactic, philosopher-poet-warrior, baker, bartender, barista, fisherman, cellist, father of two, lover of truth and wisdom.

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