“OurParkGym” Meet Up


Here we are in July where the inclement sun meets the monsoonal procession with sweaty fury of a witches cauldron. In other words, getting outside for anything other than to make a mad dash to our sun-beat cars to frantically start the engine so that we might crank the AC to the hilt seems counterintuitive. Believe me, I get it. However, this is the time of year I am most strategic about my natural setting. I mean, we’re very sturdy, robust creatures, we’re not Frosty. And my purpose is to demonstrate how accessible outdoor fitness can be, even in the middle of a desert summer.

GrassIsGreenerFitness.Calm (again, me) is hosting an outdoor gym, complete with battle rope, medicine balls, suspended rings and an obstacle course for a friendly, round-robin competition as well as a soccer/basketball hybrid game of sorts called ParkCourt… and frisbees!

Bring your kids! We will create additional space and “play stations” for the littluns to run around and play. Trained, friendly dogs are welcome too. Parents and owners are both responsible for their pint-size.

#OurParkGym is staking turf, right in the heart of Mitchell Park near the basketball court from 9-10:15 am, Saturday, July 23, 2016. Please bring athletic shoes and some positive energy…and ride your bike! I look forward to your participation. See you there!

Here is the link for the Meetup:

Mitchell Park Saturday Morning WOD

Saturday, Jul 23, 2016, 9:00 AM

Mitchell Park
1000 South Mitchell Drive Tempe, AZ

5 Traceurs Attending

This is a 1 hour cross-training workout sectioned into three parts: strength training, free running, and freestyle ball play. The clock will start ticking- loosely speaking- at 9, rotating regularly between sections until 10 with a 15 minute “cool down” to gather up our equipment and catch our breath before we depart.The workout is designed to cre…

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*We are currently accepting donations for anything fitness related that you no longer need (i.e. weights, balls, ropes, etc.). We will find a use for it.

Any trainers, volunteers or other interested parties please contact me at: grassisgreenerfitness@gmail.com

March Forth!


2 thoughts on ““OurParkGym” Meet Up”

    1. Hey Tom R! Thanks for the inquiry. The next in the GIGF Parque Proguerams series will be at Carminati Elementary on Saturday April 19 at 4pm. This event, in comparison to Daley’s ambience, will be much more kid-friendly, so I encourage family participation for this round of greener exercise. I hope you and the fam can attend. Make it Raine! 🙂

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