There’s a little thing happening in a city near you, or up the block, or in Fanny Mae’s backyard.. It’s called Runagading™ or Terrainmaking™. What you do is stop putting your coin into a building with cardio hamster wheels and stationary strength machines providing an exercise environment with limited sources of creative energy flow and an aggressively judgemental social scene at a semi-unaffordable rate. You run immediately outside, dance, laugh, and sing and cast fate into the wind with an untethered ball.

Hold not the world on a string, but be the kite, ungrounded, ferrying the virulent current.

Play on, my friend, and stay thirsty.. then play on, surfing above thy troubled waters, returning yet again to shore.. and battle.. and love.. and.. and.. oh, for heaven’s sake, March Forth!

Runagaders:Episode 1

Runagaders:Episode Ii

Me and da’ Homies

and this:
ParKourse at the Library

Who’s next?


Author: grassisgreenerfitness

I am a self-proclaimed, autodidactic, philosopher-poet-warrior, baker, bartender, barista, fisherman, cellist, father of two, lover of truth and wisdom.

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